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The DZRSI offers the online exams for Anatomy & Physiology (Sandan Anatomy Exam),, Asian Medicine and DZRRT, and the DZRSI Written Exam which includes Standards of Practice, DZRSI and AJJF History and DZRRT Applications.


These Course exams are proctored online by the DZRSI Online Managers each quarter.  Each Exam is alloted 1 hour.


In order to sign up for the exams, notify the Online Administrator ASAP but at least one month prior to the intended exam date.  You must include your Program Director’s written permission (email or letter) specifying you are allowed to take the exam. Send all of the above to the Online Administrator at mfeatherstone@dzrsi.org.

If you are taking the Anatomy & Physiology Exam for the Sandan Exam, you must contact the exams chair at exams@ajjf.org