Online DZRRT Courses are now available!

So here is what is happening…

The Standards Committee has completed testing of the  Online Blended version of the traditional DZRRT Technician Program (formerly known as Module 1).

The courses are not completely online as we need to handle the kata applications portion of the training in person; so, the course is a blend of online learning and in person training sessions.

The Online portion of the training is setup on an international learning platform.  Students can complete this portion of the training at their own pace (within a year is preferable).

Each student will have an instructor for the program who will help them work through the online learning and train them in the kata technique of restoration therapy.

So far, the feedback has been wonderful and has helped us improve the online program significantly; so, we now feel the program is ready for general use.


Would you like to enroll in the Online Blended Program?

Are you self-motivated and able to independently complete assignments?

Are you able to operate a computer at the basic level?

Are you ready to get started?

If you answer yes to all of the above and you are interested in completing the healing side of your Danzan Ryu training, go to the “Take a Course” page and submit the form.