Request for Recognition as a Full Instructor

Requirements to become a Full Instructor

  • Current registration in the American Judo and Jujitsu Federation
  • Current AJJF Background Screen
  • Be an AJJF Blackbelt
  • Be approved by DZRSI Standards Committee to teach all of the subjects in the Program
    • Anatomy & Physiology
    • History: AJJF & DZRSI History
    • Standards of Practice
    • DZRRT Applications
    • Asian Medicine and DZRRT
  • Complete and Submit the Request to Be Recognized as a Full Instructor

Responsibilities as a Full Instructor

  • May teach in any DZRSI Program in any subject at that Program Director’s discretion, including in-person and remote conferencing
  • Assist in ongoing maintenance of the DZRRT Student Handbook
  • Supervise students to make up hours they may have missed in the subject
  • Supervise and mentor Assistant Instructors and Aides
  • May be asked to teach at AJJF National Convention

Do You Want to Apply to Become an Instructor?

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Request to Be Recognized as a Full Instructor Form

    Rev 7/20